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The two beaches closer to the villa are the beach of Tersanas and the beach of Kalathas.

- Tersanas (1,2 Km) The beach of Tersanas is shaped inside an enclosed natural harbor, which faces southwest. It is a sandy beach with white fine sand and shallow crystal clear water. It is quite small and looks usually crowded, especially on weekends. It is equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, snack bars and showers. The calm water, combined with the proximity to the touristic facilities, make Tersanas ideal for family holidays.

- Kalathas beach (1,5 Km): The sandy beach is very well organized 

- Macherida beach (2,1 kM): The tiny beach of Macherida is located 14km northeast of Chania and 1km west of the village Chorafakia, very close to Tersanas. The beach is named after the rocky cape in its north end that reminds of a knife (“machairi” means “knife” in Greek). According to another version, it is named after the flower Gladiolis italicus that is called “macherida” in Greek.

The bay faces southwest and is almost always calm. A stunning little beach with white sand and turquoise water is shaped in the center of the bay, surrounded by sharp rocks. The water here is very clear, because the sea currents change directions several times a day and remove any garbage. It is not organized, however during the last years some houses have been built near the beach. The secluded beach of Machairida attracts mainly nudists. Moreover, it is one of the most popular beaches for gays in Chania

- Stavros (4,3 km): In Stavros village you will find two beaches. The main beach where “Zorbas” was filmed, is located in the east side of the village, at the foot of the mountain and has marvellous white sand and shallow turquoise waters. The second beach of Stavros is located in the north side of the village and has sand and rocks in places and is less organised than the first, but cleaner.

- Loutraki beach (12,2 km): Loutraki beach is a waveless beach with fine sand, between the rocky shore of the bay. Also there you will find restaurants and beach bars.

- Marathi beach (14,6 km): Marathi has two wonderful beaches, divided by the pier of the harbour and they are probably two of the best beaches in Akrotiri peninsula. Both are sandy and well organized with sun beds and umbrellas. The most important advantage with the beaches in Marathi is that you'll almost never see the sea with waves, even when it blows in western Crete. Also there you can find taverns and cafes by the sea. Marathi is ideal for families with children.

Furthermore, on the west of Crete you will find some of the most amazing and famous beaches of Crete and Greece like Elafonisi, Balos lagoon, Phalasarna and Gramvousa islet. Although those magical beaches are a bit of a drive from the villa, we definitely suggest you visit them as we assure you that you will leave with unforgettable memories. 

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